Birth of the chickens of Bonelli's eagle

When the period of incubation of the eggs, approximately about 40 days, is finalized begin to be born the chickens of Bonelli’s eagle. This fact usually takes place in the second fortnight of the month of March. In spite of to have detected some episodes of annoyances by human activities in some territories, this year the perspective of the Catalan population seems to be a little better than the previous year, since the number of layings that is known that they have failed is at the moment inferior to the number of the last year. Of all ways it is precise to remember that the first days of life of the chickens is a very delicate period for his survival and, therefore, it is precise to still wait for until they leave the nest to make a final valuation of the breeding season.

From the Equip d'Estudi de l'Àliga Perdiguera we recommend to you the visit to the Web of the Diputació de Barcelona in which images recorded in two nests of Bonelli’s eagle of the Parc del Garraf are observed. In the recordings you will find very interesting fragments of the behavior of the eagles throughout all the breeding season. The address is Like newness, we specially recommend to you the images recorded this same February during the laying of eggs.