Official presentation of a new plan of correction of the electrocution in the province of Barcelona

Next day 19 of April will officially will be made known the PLAN OF CORRECTION OF THE ELECTROCUTION OF BIRDS IN THE NATURAL PARK OF THE MONTSENY AND INFLUENCE AREA. This plan is consequence of the agreement of collaboration of a total duration of 3 years (2005 - 2007), signed by Diputación de Barcelona, Estabanell y Pahisa Energía, SA, University of Barcelona and Foundation Miquel Torres, for the application of measures antielectrocution for the birds in electrical lines in the scope of the Natural Park of the Montseny and influence areas of the Vallès Oriental and Osona.

The main virtue of this agreement is the complementariness and mutual involution of the tasks of each one of the participant organisms. The Diputació de Barcelona orders and finances the studies of detection of the dangerous supports for the birds and give administrative and technical supports in the protected spaces that manages. The University of Barcelona makes the tasks of cartography of electrical supports, applies the prediction models of danger for the birds that the University has developed, advice to the electrical company and evaluate the made corrections. Estabanell y Pahisa Energía, SA contributes to develop suitable technical measures of correction and it is in charge to apply them to the electrical supports of high risk for the birds. Finally the Foundation Miquel Torres supports to the monitoring programs of threatened species, in special the Bonelli’s eagle, and contributes to the spreading of the made tasks of conservation.

The results obtained during the first year of agreement (2005) in the study of detection of the supports that involve a greater risk of electrocution for the birds will be presented in this act. This study has been made by the Equip de Biologia de la Conservació - Àliga Perdiguera of the University of Barcelona. Also the established plan to carry out the actions of correction of the supports considered dangerous for the birds will be made known, prioritizing in special those areas with more sensible species, as it is the case of the Bonelli’s eagle.

To the press conference summoned in the headquarters of the company Estabanell y Pahisa Energía, SA (Rec street, 28, of Granollers) will attend the gentlemen Josep Mayoral i Artigas, deputy president of the Area of Natural Spaces of the Diputació de Barcelona, Marçal Pastor i Anglada, vicerector of Investigation of the University of Barcelona, Francesc Estabanell i Raventós, administrator of the company Estabanell y Pahisa Energía, SA and Angel de la Rubia Perez, manager of the Foundation Miquel Torres.