Some times there also are stories with a happy end

The more exhaustive monitoring than it is possible to be made of the eagles marked with emitters allows to have many times information very detailed of his daily life and, by as much, also of those problems that affect to them. During this last breeding season it has been possible to know different histories that show the drama of the fight by the daily survival.

For example, two cases have been known about territories with eagles marked with emitters in which the male has disappeared and the female has remained single at the precise moment when the chickens had to be born the chickens. The absence of a companion who provided food and protection raised, then, a dramatic dilemma for the female: it had to choose between remaining in the nest incubating and protecting eggs or to go away to hunt for being able to satiate the hunger.

For this reason, it was decided to provide additional feeding to the females of these territories, with the hope that this allowed the survival of the chickens. These actions were made of a coordinated way with the Cos d’Agents Rurals (rangers) of the Generalitat de Catalunya and with the guards of the Service of Natural Parks of the Diputació Provincial de Barcelona. Thanks to that, in both territories arrived in being born a chicken. In one of them, unfortunately, the chicken had to be very weak and died after some days, but in the other the additional feeding has allowed that the chicken grows with normality and that is making his first flights in these days.

It is precise, then, to congratulate by this collaboration that has allowed to be able to explain a history with a happy end