Eggs laying brought forward in some pairs of Catalunya

The benign climate and the elevated temperatures of this beginning of winter can be the cause that some pairs of Bonelli's eagle of the coastal sector of Catalonia have advanced the date of eggs laying several weeks respect to their annual average. A clear example of it is the first pair of the Park of the Garraf (near of Barcelona) to which settled a camera in the nest to make its pursuit within the "Program of pursuit and conservation of the Bonelli's eagle in the Parc del Garraf ". The consultation of the images of the layings, as well as the live pursuit of the incubation can be made acceding to the Web of the Diputació de Barcelona

Is a proved fact that, in territories located in warmer zones, the dates of laying are something earlier. Also it seems that the abundance of sunny or nonrainy days during the months that the eagles are preparing for breeding, reconstructing the nests and copulating (December and January), favors the reproductive success of the eagles. For this reason this year is more feasible than the Catalan population can obtain values of productivity better than those registered in the two previous breeding seasons.