Publication of the book Aigle de Bonelli, méditerranéen méconnu

It has very recently been published in France a book on the Bonelli's Eagle: Aigle de Bonelli, méditerranéen méconnu (Bonelli's Eagle, a Mediterranean unknown). It combines a text based on observations made in a same territory for more than 20 years with interviews to specialists on this species, a hundred of photographies and a hundred of drawings done with a total respect towards the eagles.

Regard du Vivant (Observation of the Life), association that carried out this project, turned to Rozen MORVAN to write up texts, to Frédéric LARREY and Thomas ROGER to photograph the eagles and their territories and to Cyril GIRARD to draw to the eagles as well as to other animals and plants of the Languedoc and Provence.

From the data obtained by the observers of the family of eagles nicknamed as BEAUJABOT, the mating, the incubation, the breeding of chicks, the feeding, the first flights, the emancipation, etc. are described accurately together with the numeric data that are included in the Annexes. Diverse specialists shared their works and their knowledge: on the adaptation of the eagles and the role of the "hunting guards" (René NOZERAND), the nourishing regime of the Provençal eagles (Patrick BAYLE), the Bonelli's Eagle and the world of the hunting in Languedoc-Roussillon (Eva FAURE), the power lines like mortal traps and the monitoring of the population of Bonelli's eagles in France (Nolwenn PIERRE), the wintertime and the dispersion of these eagles in the Southeastern of France (Christian PERENNOU), its habitats in Languedoc and the Plan of recovery of the Bonelli's Eagle in France (Fabrice BOSCA), the Bonelli's eagles in Catalonia like the nearest population to the French (Joan REAL), and the relations between the different populations as well as the survival of the species (Joan REAL, Roger PRADEL).


This collective work is also characterized, on the one hand, by its splendid illustrations and, on the other hand, because the female of the territory at issue is, surely, the oldest of France and, perhaps, Europe. According to the data of monitoring of the French population of Bonelli's eagles, "Eléonore" is present in that territory from 1979. It had then an adult plumage which gives him, in 2007, the minimum age of 32 or 33 years. From 1985 to 2000 she has layed eggs every year, has begun to raise 23 chicks, and 20 of them flew. Between November of 2000 and March of 2001, the male changed: the reading of its ring allowed to know that the new male had then 3 years and that had been born not far from the place in which it had settled down. Eléonore has continued laying every year, except in 2005 when "it lost" a great part of the extremity of its right wing in the month of January, possibly by a firing. From 2001 to 2007 they have flown 12 eaglets: Kilucru in 2006 and Al & Louya in 2007. This is an absolutely surprising case because with more than 30 years, a female of Bonelli's Eagle is able to raise 2 eaglets.

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Aigle de Bonelli, méditerranéen méconnu

Work made in collaboration with the Region Languedoc-Roussillon, the Department of the Hérault, Centre National du Livre, la Fondation Nature et Découvertes and the Direction Régionale de l'Environnement du Languedoc-Roussillon.. ISBN: 9.782952.996907, 304 pages in color.