Publication of the book "Águias de Bonelli em Portugal"

If some months ago we informed about the publication of the excellent work "Aigle de Bonelli, méditerranéen méconnu", centered in the pursuit of a French pair of Bonelli's eagles, now we communicate the appearance of the book not less commendable "Àguias of Bonelli em Portugal".

It is a big format book (29x27cm), 200 pages, made with a modern and careful design. Due to its divulging character, provides a pleasant reading to everyone who has interest in the Bonelli's eagle, either an investigator, an ornithologist or, simply, an occasional observer. In this sense, it is possible to emphasize the good result obtained thanks to the combination of precise texts and a good number of fine quality photographies of the eagles, the animals that share the territories with them and of the Portuguese landscapes. 

The book is divided in five sections:

1. "Historias com águias": complemented with fanzine-like illustrations, reviews the characteristics of the raptors until arriving at the Bonelli' eagle: "A (águia de) Bonelli, ..., é exactamente uma destas grandes águias. Destemida e arrojada. Que desde tempos imemoriais fascinou o Homem."

2. "Os territórios das águias": it contains a brief description of the different habitats that the Bonelli's eagle occupies in Portugal and their evolution during the last years. The number of pairs in each region of the country is mentioned in this section.

3. "A vida das águias": this section describes the eagles life beginning with the incubation of the eggs, it continues with the breeding of the young, the emancipation and, finally, the occupation and defense of an own territory, close or not to the place where they were born. The last pages of this section are dedicated to the extraordinaries abilities that eagles possess for hunting.

4. "Alerta pelas águias": this section is dedicated to the threats that Portuguese eagles face, all shared, although with different intensity degrees, by the rest of Iberian eagles: the trichomoniasis, as a result of the consumption of domestic doves caused by the decreasing numbers of its ancestral preys (the rabbits and the partridges), the electrocutions or the direct persecution, among others.

5. "Un céu com águias": in this section the importance of the responsible cinegetic management is commented, the operation of marking and placing of a transmitter to a chicken is described with detail, it is also explained what is being made within the framework of a Life project destined to reduce the mortality of the eagles and to increase their numbers in the Algarve and Alenteixo, the monitoring of the eagles in the territories of the Tejo Internacional and, finally, the importance of additional feeding to avoid the disappearance of the pairs of the Douro International.

If you want to request this book or to ask for more information, you can write to one of its publishers, Luis Rainha, at the e-mail  

Before this book about Bonelli's eagles, this publishing house has also published two volumes in the same collection dedicated to the wolf and the vultures.