Ringing campaign 2008 of Bonelli’s eagle juveniles in Catalunya

During the 2008 reproductive period, the Equip de Biologia de la Conservació - Àliga Perdiguera has marked 32 juveniles born in 20 territories of Bonelli’s eagle of Catalunya. The marking consisted of equipping the juveniles with a conventional metallic ring in the left leg and with a red color aluminum ring for remote reading in the right leg. The code of the remote reading ring includes two alphanumeric characters that are read in vertical sense from top to bottom. Additionally, biological samples were taken that will allow to obtain parameters related to the state of health of the juveniles.

The information derived from the marking and later observations that can be obtained from the individuals will have a great importance on Bonelli’s eagle conservation, because will allow the monitoring throughout the time of demographic aspects like, for example, the pre-adult survival, the patterns of dispersion and, when the marked individuals are recruited, the adult survival. In addition, from the biological samples gathered of the juveniles, the obtained indicators will allow to detect geographical and yearly changes on the environmental quality of the distribution area of the species in Catalunya.

This monitoring and marking program would not have been possible without the economic support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain and of the Technical Office of Planning and Territorial Analysis - OTPAT of the Diputació de Barcelona. Also we want to thank very specially the logistic support of the Group of Mountain Suport (GSM) of the Brigade of Rural Agents of the Generalitat de Catalunya, of the Dirección General for the Biodiversity of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Means (technician in special markings: Víctor García Matarranz) and the Brigade of Rural Agents in the regions of l'Alt Empordà, el Baix Empordà, el Vallès Oriental, el Vallès Occidental, el Bages, el Baix Llobregat, el Garraf, l'Alt Penedès, el Baix Penedès, el Tarragonès, l'Alt Camp, el Baix Camp, la Conca de Barberà and el Priorat. The marking was made with the permissions provided by the Service of Fauna of the Department of Environment and Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Photo: Agents rurals Generalitat de Catalunya

Photo: Kiku Parés