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Threats and solutions


  • 2013: the worst reproductive rates in the Catalan population of Bonelli’s Eagle  (12/01/2014): Read more
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  • Low reproductive rates in the Catalan population of the Bonelli’s Eagle during 2012 (13/09/2012): Read more
  • Two electrical pylons are corrected thanks to the pioneering work by students of the Secondary School Cor de Maria (Valls, Tarragona) (9/05/2012): Read more
  • A local state is managed in the Cingles de Bertí area in order to improve biodiversity, sustainable game hunting and conservation of endangered species (9/05/2012): Read more
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  • Ringing campaign 2008 of Bonelli’s eagle juveniles in Catalunya (27/07/2008): Read more
  • Publication of the book Águias de Bonelli em Portugal (14/03/2008): Read more
  • Approved the Real Decreto of power lines (14/03/2008): Read more
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  • Uñas de cristal, the book (27/09/2007): Read more
  • Lectures on Bonelli's eagle and other raptors in Arnes (province of Tarragona) (27/07/2007): Rad more
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  •  The students of the school "El Turó" learn with  the Bonelli's eagle (1/06/2007): Read more
  • Updating of the Spanish population of the Bonelli's eagle (18/04/2007): Read more
  • Eggs laying brought forward in some pairs of Catalunya (7/02/2007): Read more
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  • The use of GPS-Satellite in the study of hunting area and habitat selection in the Bonelli's eagle (22/11/2006): Read more
  • Water ponds, a mortal trap for Bonelli's eagle (31/07/2006): Read more
  • Illustrations of Bonelli's eagle of Paschalis Dougalis (31/07/2006): Read more
  • Some times there also are stories with a happy end (22/06/2006): Read more
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  • The new proposal of Network Natura 2000 in Catalunya (11/05/2006): Read more
  • Birth of the chickens of the Bonelli's eagle (10/04/2006): Read more
  • Official presentation of a new plan for electrocution correction in the province of Barcelona (10/04/2006): Read more
  • Monitoring of the Bonelli's Eagle with emitters GPS-satellite (14/03/2006): Read more
  • The population of Bonelli's eagle in Catalunya. Balance of year 2005 (26/01/2006): Read more
  • Gratefulness to the volunteers of the Association of Friends of the Natural Parks (26/01/2006): Read more
  • Evaluation of the relation between the abundance of rabbit and the postfire forest  treatment (29/11/2005): Read more
  • Determination of the hunting area and activity rate of the Bonelli's eagle in S. Llorenç de Munt (29/11/2005): Read more
  • Beginning of the hunting season, a period of risk for the Bonelli's eagle (14/10/2005): Read more
  • The Bonelli's eagles born this year leave these days the paternal territories (14/09/2005): Read more
  • First year of operation of the web of the Equip d'Estudi de l'Àliga Perdiguera (14/09/2005): Read more
  • Centre Excursionista del Casal Capçanenc, a good ally of the Priorat eagles (1/08/2005): Read more
  • Valuation of the state of Bonelli's eagle population in Priorat (Tarragona) (1/08/2005): Read more
  • Analysis of viability of the proposed Nature 2000 N. for the Catalan population of Bonelli's eagle (1/07/2005): Read more
  • The Bonelli's Eagle receives the support of youngest naturalists (1/07/2005): Read more
  • Website of the month of June of the magazine Quercus (2/06/2005): Read more
  • 2005, a not much favourable year for nesting of Bonelli's Eagle in Catalunya (2/06/2005): Read more
  • In Catalunya they are three implied electrical companies in correcting electrocution of birds (9/05/2005): Read more
  • Nature 2000 Network and Bonelli's eagle (6/04/2005): Read more
  • Actions to improve the populations of preys of Bonelli's Eagle in the PN Sant Llorenç del Munt (1/04/2005): Read more
  • Beginning of the radio tracking of pairs of Bonelli's Eagle in Priorat (Tarragona) (26/02/2005): Read more
  • The radio tracking of pairs of Bonelli's Eagle of the Barcelona province is going on (26/02/2005): Read more
  • The Bonelli's Eagle declared "bird of the year 2005" by SEO/Birdlife (10/01/2005): Read more
  • High presence of public at the ceremony "Conservation of the Bonelli's Eagle in Catalonia" (10/12/2004): Read more
  • Invitation to the ceremony "The conservation of the Bonelli's Eagle in Catalonia" (9/11/2004): Read more
  • Fourth year of the agreement to mitigate the electrocution of Bonelli's Eagle (1/09/2004): Read more
  • The web page of the Equip d'Estudi de l'Àliga Perdiguera comes out (1/09/2004): Read more