Threats on the individuals

This category includes the threats that cause the death of the eagles, as much of adult individuals as of dispersing juveniles, or those which affect the reproductive success of the pairs.

Very dangerous pylon (Photo: Albert Tintó)


One of the main problems that the populations of Bonelli´s Eagles suffer is the high adult and young mortality, which are directly responsible for the regression of the species.

In the case of the adults, the death of an animal during the breeding season entails the reproductive failure of the pair and if it occurs repeatedly in a same territory, it may end up causing its abandonment. Young mortality makes difficult to re-colonize the abandoned territories or to replace the individuals of pairs in which a loss has taken place. The mortality causes are mainly of human origin.

The persecution

(Photo: Joan Real)

Productivity decrease

The productivity may also turn out to be affected in a direct way for inconveniences in the areas of nest building provoked by some human activities such as the opening of new tracks and the achievement of forest works during the breeding season, or the uncontrolled increase of practices of free time in the nature.

The decrease of the productivity (juveniles that fly annually), in spite of having a very much minor effect on the evolution of the populations, can impede the rejuvenation of the population if it reaches extreme levels.

Thus the populations diminish because the number of chicks produced that survive to the first three years of life, and that therefore obtain the sexual maturity, are not sufficient to compensate the deaths of the adults.

Inconveniences in the breeding areas

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