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  Biennial master’s degree in History and Culture of Diet Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
General background
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The University of Barcelona has programmed for the academic year 2008-2009 the first 41 official master’s degrees, incorporated in the European Space of Higher Education. Among them, are the master’s degree of History and Culture of Diet, which will be taught in collaboration with the University of Bologna and the University of Tours. The team administration which I manage gives special importance to this master’s degree because of its thematic originality as much as for favouring the exchange of teachers and students on an European Scale. The team has included it in the Official Program of Postgraduate Courses in Diet and Nutrition, one of the main strategic commitments of the University of Barcelona, which will cover food technology to the history and anthropology of diet. The Institute of Research in Nutrition and Food Safety, the Campus of the Diet and the master’s degree in History and Culture of Diet form three disciplines which have been chosen because of the synergy between the experimental and social sciences

Dídac Ramírez i Sarrió
Vice-chancellor of the University of Barcelona

Despite the recent phenomenon of the creation/spreading of food industries all over Spain, Catalonia still has the main concentration of food and agriculture industries of Spain. Since 1990, some Catalan restaurateurs have been promoting a deep culinary renovation, taking the garden products and the creative re-structuring of traditional recipes as a starting point. Gastronomic tourism has become a reality; its financial and political profitability has led private foundations and public institutions to collaborate in the defence, assessment and spreading of food heritage, creating an increasing need for highly qualified labour.
The University of Barcelona, with its large experience in research in biomedicine as well as food technology and safety, has decided to complement this experimental aspect with a cultural one, in an attempt to cover the numerous possibilities of study which go from molecular biology and dietetics to the anthropology and history of diet. The present governing team, apart from having created an Institute of Research in Nutrition and Food Safety, is bringing together the laboratories and libraries specialised in the analysis of food in a single Campus, with the aim of promoting transversal studies and speeding up the creation of scientific networks. The master’s degree in History and Culture of Diet is one of the first results of this project. Students will not only be able to take courses in a wide group of subjects related to the culture of diet, but they will also be able to select their chosen credits among a range of wide disciplines, both humanistic and experimental.
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