Antarctic, Arctic and Alpine environments (ANTALP)

Research Group funded by Government of Catalonia (AGAUR, 2017 SGR 1102)

Cold-climate regions are undergoing large geocological changes in response to climate warming occurred over the last decades. Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Polar Regions and high mountains are amongst the most affected environments due to their high sensitivity and accelerating climate feedback processes in these regions. The ANTALP group will conduct research activities in Antarctica, the Arctic and Alpine regions with the purpose to better understand present environmental dynamics in these areas from a multidisciplinary perspective, with a focus on geomorphology, permafrost and geoecology. Past environmental and climate conditions will be also inferred using a wide range of natural records including glacial and periglacial landforms, lake sediments and peat bogs, among others. We will bridge the gap between past and present processes in order to evaluate if recent climate and environmental changes are unprecedented or they have already occurred in the geological record.

Study areas