Event type
Annual Lectures
Monday 21st October 2019 - Monday 21st October 2019
Seminario de Filosofia, Facultat de Filosofia, C/ Montalegre 6, 08001 Barcelona



APHIL Inaugural Lecture, academic year 2019-20

Date: Monday 21 October 2019

Time: 17:00-19:00

Venue: Seminari de Filosofia, Facultat de Filosofia, C/ Montalegre 6, Barcelona 08001.

Speaker: Prof. Rachel Sterken, University of Oslo.

Title: On Authentic Speech

This talk provides an account of what it is to speak authentically. Authentic speech is an under-explored topic: Philosophers of language have produced theories of various forms of speech, but authenticity has been overlooked. This, I suggest, is a mistake: descriptions of speech as authentic (or inauthentic) are ubiquitous and authenticity plays an important role in many communicative exchanges. The talk has three main parts: 1. I provide an account of authentic speech, 2. I show how it differs from sincere speech, and 3. I argue that there are speech acts that have authenticity conditions.  


This talk will be followed by a reception with the speaker, and other APHIL faculty and students.