APHIL Inaugural Lecture

Monday 21st October 2019 - Monday 21st October 2019

CANCELED: APHIL Inaugural Lecture: Rachel Sterken (Oslo)


APHIL Inaugural Lecture

Monday 8th October 2018
APHIL Inaugural Lecture: 8 October 2018, 17:00-19:00. Speaker: Dr. Lisa Miracchi (University of Pennsylvania). Title: What Our Epistemic Concepts Should Do Abstract: Western analytic epistemology ...


2017 APHIL Annual Lecture

Monday 2nd October 2017
Professor Sarah Paul (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Believing in Others


Annual lecture 2016

Monday 3rd October 2016
Carolina Sartorio (University of Arizona)
Professor Carolina Sartorio (from the University of Arizona), will deliver the APhil Annual Lecture: "Two models of free will".


The Problem of Induction Dissolved; But are we better off?

Tuesday 19th April 2016
Abstract: I begin by making some distinctions between kinds of response to a sceptical claim, the purpose of which is to explain what I mean by a “dissolution” of the problem of induction and to ...


Annual lecture 2015

Tuesday 30th September 2014
Ruth Weintraub (Tel Aviv)
Ruth Weintraub (from the Tel Aviv University) will deliver the APhil Annual Lecture on one of the most famous philosophical problems: the "Problem of Induction", well-known from, for example, Hume ...