Aphil comprises two subprograms: the Master’s program, and the PhD Program
-The Aphil Master’s program is the first, taught period (60 credits). It awards an official Master’s Degree and qualifies students to apply for the Aphil PhD program (though acceptance is conditional on the admissions procedure at each university).
- The Aphil PhD Program is the second, research period, during which students carry out research for, and complete, their doctoral dissertation. Successful presentation of the dissertation will earn them the PhD degree.

Official languages are English, Spanish and Catalan. The language of each course is announced at the time of registration. A significant number of courses are offered in English and students may complete the entire Master’s program in English if they wish. Other program activities (talks, workshops, conferences, and so on) are mainly in English.

Application, selection and enrolment
There are three pre-enrolment application periods. After each deadline, the Aphil Master’s Program Admission Committee will:
- decide whether to accept or reject candidates, and, in case of acceptance, whether the student may start immediately with the 60 Master’s credits or must first take background courses
- assign each student a Master’s program tutor.
The Aphil secretary’s office will notify applicants by email of their acceptance or rejection, the number of credits they must obtain in case of acceptance, and the name of their tutor. After notification, students must contact their tutor in order to agree on the courses they will take. There are two registration periods, September-October and January-February, each one to register for courses in the corresponding Fall/Spring term. The registration is processed by one of the universities, to be specified each year on the Aphil web pages.
The minimum period for achieving the 60 Master’s credits is 1 year. The Master’s program is designed in such a way that full-time students can be expected to achieve the credits within this period. However, if students are not able to study full-time, or wish to devote more than one year to obtaining the credits, they may agree with the tutor to complete the courses over a longer period.

Master’s tutor
The Master’s tutor is assigned by the Admission Committee to each student accepted to the course.
This assignment does not predetermine in any way the PhD-supervisor(s) and, in the case of a grant   application, the grant-supervisor. The Master’s tutor will:
(a) provide guidance for students regarding their choice of courses in accordance with their interests and  skills
(b) sign the student’s enrolment form
(c) mediate, when necessary, between the student and the Aphil university coordinator and Aphil staff
(d) help the student with any other academic matters.

Student representatives
There will be one student representative of the Master’s program, to be elected by the students themselves. The student representative will:
(a) inform the coordinator about any issue/question/complaint related to aspects of the Master’s program concerning students
(b) meet the Master’s program students at least twice a year (once per term), and deal with any issue/question/complaint students wish to raise,
(c) call a general meeting of students when at least 30% of them ask for a meeting in relation to a specific issue.

Other students’ duties
Together with the regular duties for the achievement of credits, Aphil students must attend the main activities organized by the Master’s program. These include:
(a) The annual Opening Aphil Lecture
(b) General Aphil talks
When the talks are advertised, it will be specified which ones are mandatory.