Academic year
José Díez
Department of Philosophy
Universitat de Barcelona
Master courses
Module 7. Issues in Contemporary Theoretical and Practical Philosophy
2014-10-09 - 2014-12-18
Thu. 16-19
Room 412, Facultat de Filosofia, UB


In this course we will analyze the last three decades of the debate on scientific realism, from van Fraassen's constructive empiricism to Psillos' selective realism 

1. Introduction. Types of anti/realism

2. The prima facie cases for scientific realism and antirealism

3. Varieties of scientific anti/realism

3. Van Fraassen's constructive empiricism

4. Lipton and Boyd on non miracles and inference to best explanation

5. Laudan's pesimistic induction

6. Post-pesimistic induction: Non- miracle argument revisited Fine's deflationism


After two/three introductory sessions, every student will present one of the papers for discussion.


Grading will consist in short questions for every read paper, class presentation and final paper.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

CB6 – Students should be able to acquire and critically understand central philosophical theories in a way that puts them in a position to develop and apply original ideas.


CB9 - Students should be able to communicate their knowledge and their arguments to specialized audiences in a clear and articulate way.

CG1. To abstract, analyze and elaborate valid arguments and identify logical fallacies.

CG2. Design, create, develop and undertake new and innovative projects in their area of expertise.

CG3. Switching between the general and detailed discussion, providing real or imaginary examples able to support or refute the position at stake.

CG4. Working both independently and in a team in international contexts.

CG5. Identify methodological errors, rhetorical, conventional or uncritical assumptions, and vague or vacuous theses.

CE1. Recognize the concepts and methods of contemporary analytical philosophy and use them in the formulation and defense of philosophical proposals

CE2. Identify the core arguments and theories of contemporary theoretical philosophy.

CE4. Assess the writings of leading contemporary analytic philosophers.

CE5. Identify ideas on the most advance contemporary philosophical debate and research.


CE7. Using specialized, critical philosophical terminology.


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