Raul Ramos and Sandra Nieto will participate in the Third PIAAC International Conference.
  • Date: 07/11/2016

    Raul and Sandra, members of AQR-IREA, will present their paper "Do Entrepreneurs Use Different Skills? Evidence from PIAAC".

    The purpose of the conference, to be held in Madrid on 6-8 November 2016, is to promote the use of PIAAC data to help addressing relevant policy issues.


    Raul and Sandra’s analysis uses microdata from PIAAC in order to characterise entrepreneurs compared to employees in terms of the skills they use in different aspects of life, at work and in relation to learning strategies. Their results support Lazear’s hypothesis that individuals with a balanced and diversified set of skills, gathered from various fields, are more likely to be self-employed than those who do not possess such a balanced skill set. However, the analysis also shows that there are some skills that seem to be more important than others. In particular, the role of task discretion, planning and influence at work and readiness to learn seem to be key in order to develop entrepreneurial jobs.


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