David Castells-Quintana visits AQR
  • Date: 23/03/2018

    David Castells-Quintana, UAB and former PhD Student at AQR, presents his latest work "Population dynamics, urbanisation without growth and the rise of megacities" at the AQR Lunch Seminar series.

    David Castells-Quintana is again the invited speaker at the AQR lunch seminar series, presenting his latest contribution to the fields of demographics and urban economics. While the main bulk of past and current literature focuses on the disconnection between growth and urbanization in specific regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, David develops a model were the mechanisms of population growth and urban investments affect internal migrations, urban development and overall factor productivity.

    The study, coauthored by Hugh Wenban-Smith, contains a dynamic models capable of predicting important trends in the data, including urbanisation without growth and the rise of poor megacities in the Sub-saharan region.