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    Publicacions més rellevants:

    2021 Regional borders, local unemployment and life satisfaction (joint with Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell). Journal of Regional Science (forthcoming).

    2021 Language-in-education, Language Skills and the Intergenerational Transmission of Language in a Bilingual Society (joint with Ramon Caminal and Lorenzo Cappellari). Labour Economics (online first)

    2019 Your Language or Mine? The Non-Communicative Benefits of Language Skills (joint with Ramon Caminal). Economic Inquiry, 57(1): 726-750

    2018 Bilingual Schooling and Earnings: Evidence from a Language-in-Education Reform (joint with Lorenzo Cappellari). Economics of Education Review, 64: 90-101

    Línies d’investigació:

    Economia Laboral
    Economia de l’educació
    Economia Regional i Urbana
    Microeconometria Aplicada