Obaco, M.; Royuela, V.; Matano, A.
  • Year: 2020
    On the link between material deprivation and city size: Ecuador as a case study. Land Use Policy, 104761

    The association between city size and productivity has been widely investigated in the academic literature. On the contrary, less is known about the link between city size and material living conditions. Recently, a strong emphasis has been put on the process of urbanization without growth and on the burst of large cities. The creation of slums and large areas with underdeveloped housing characteristics has become a major concern for urban planners. This is especially the case for developing economies. This work analyses the association between city size and material living conditions in Ecuador, a small developing country experiencing rapid urbanization and where slums constitute a relevant part of the urban landscape. Our findings show that living in denser areas is associated with lower levels of deprivation and overcrowding. Nonetheless, we also show evidence of congestion in larger cities.