Camarero, M., Carrion-i-Silvestre, J.L., Tamarit, C.
  • Year: 2021
    External imbalances from a GVAR perspective. World Economy, 44 (11), 3202-3245

    We study the drivers governing external disequilibria through a Global VAR (GVAR) analysis applied to a group of 24 countries during the period 1972–2017. The GVAR methodology is particularly well suited for our research question. First, it permits to measure the effects of both domestic and foreign country-specific shocks. Second, it allows us to analyse the long-run relationships and dynamics through generalised impulse response functions. Third, it enables us to test many hypotheses from a macroeconomic perspective and the existence of spillovers. Our results show evidence of international financial integration in terms of fulfilling the real interest rate parity. Concerning the twin deficits hypothesis, we find no conclusive results. In addition, we show how German fiscal policy has relevant spillover effects on other European countries (such as France, Spain and the Netherlands) and the United States and India. Finally, global shocks have long-lasting effects in most countries analysed, primarily through real oil prices. These results provide clues about how to implement a more symmetrical external adjustment, especially inside the euro area.