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The BBSLab is a research laboratory linked to the Neuropsychology Research Group of the University of Barcelona. The general objective of our studies is to better understand the brain stimulation effects on cognitive function and mental health. By brain stimulation, we understand broadly, from the effects related to participation in cognitive, physical or social stimulating activities to the possibility of modulating (stimulating) brain activity with non-invasive experimental techniques. In this way, our research focuses on better understanding how the cognitive reserve understood as the lifetime exposure to enriched environments is associated with greater plasticity or cerebral resilience, helping to maintain cognitive functions such as memory as well as with a better organization of functional brain networks that compensate for the typical age-related structural brain changes. Our group is also involved in projects with an international dimension that investigate whether interventions that modify adult life styles (cognition, physical activity, nutrition, sleep habits, etc.) may have a protective effect on the development of neuropsychiatric diseases in old age. Finally, our group uses techniques of electrical or magnetic brain stimulation in experimental investigations, to help to better understand the nexuses between the induced changes in the cerebral activity at the level of functional networks and the cognitive status of the people.

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