Research fields

  • Labor economics
  • Public policy

Selected publications

  • Solé, M., Souto, G., Rentería, E., Papadomichelakis, G. and C. Patxot (2020), “Protecting the elderly and children in times of crisis: An analysis based on National Transfer Accounts”, The Journal of the Economics of AgeingVolume 15 –
  • Michailidis, G., Patxot, C. and M. Solé (2019), «Do pensions foster education? An empirical perspective», Applied Economics, 51:38, 4127-4150, DOI:10.1080/00036846.2019.1588949 
  • Patxot, C., Solé, M. and G. Souto (2019), «Sustainability and adequacy of the Spanish pension system after the 2013 reform: a microsimulation analysis», Hacienda Pública Española / Review of Public Economics, 228 – (1/2019):109-150,( Post sobre aquest article a Nadaesgratis:
  • Sánchez-Romero, M., Abío, G., Souto, G. and C. Patxot (2018), Contribution of demography to economic growth. SERIEsJournal of the Spanish Economic Association:  vol 9(1), pag. 27-64
  • Sánchez-Romero M, Patxot C., Rentería E. and G. Souto (2013), «On the Effects of Public and Private Transfers on Capital Accumulation: Some Lessons from the NTA Aggregates», Journal of Population Economics, 26, 1409-1430.