Research fields

  • Public policy
  • Labour & Demographic economics

Selected publications

  • Abío, G.; Alcañiz, M.; Gómez-Puig, M.; Rubert, G.; Serrano, M.; Stoyanova, A.; Vilalta-Bufí, M. (2019): Retaking a course in economics: Innovative teaching strategies to improve academic performance in groups of low-performing students, Innovations in Education and Teaching International 56 (2), 206-216.
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  • Abio, G., Patxot, C., Sánchez-Romero, M., and Souto, G. 2017. The welfare state and demographic dividends, Demographic Research, 36 (48): 1453-1490.
  • Abio, G., Patxot C., Renteria E., and Souto G.. 2017. Intergenerational Transfers in Spain: The Role of Education, Hacienda Pública Española, 223 (4): 101-130.
  • Abio, G.; Patxot, C.; Renteria, E.; Souto, G. (2015): Taking care of our elderly and our children: Towards a balanced welfare state?, in Family and sustainable development, M. Gas-Aixendri, R. Cavallotti (Eds.), Thomson Reuters/Aranzadi, 57-71.