Research fields

  • Political Economy
  • Organizations and markets
  • Transport Economics

Selected publications

  • Calzada, J. and R. Gil. 2019. What Do News Aggregators Do? Evidence from Google News in Spain and Germany,  Marketing Science.
  • Calzada, J. and X. Fageda. 2019. Route expansion in the European Air Transport Market, Regional Studies, 53:8, 1149-1160.
  • Calzada, J. and M. Tselekounis. 2018. Net Neutrality in a Hyperlinked Economy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 59, 190-221.
  • Calzada, J. and T. Valletti. 2012. Intertemporal movie distribution: Versioning when customers can buy both versions, Marketing Science, 31(4), 649-667.
  • Calzada J. and T. Valletti. 2008. Entry Deterrence and Network Competition.  The Economic Journal,  118 (531), 1223-1244.