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Xavier Turon
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Xavier Turon

Dpt. Ecologia Marina

Acc. Cala St. Francesc 14
17300 Blanes (Girona)

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  Projectes imatge de maquetació

Principals projectes de recerca (com a IP si no consta el contrari):

•  Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Autonomous Organism of National Parks, project 2462-2017. BIGPARK: Biodiversity trends in marine bottoms of National Parks under the impact of invasive species and climate change: genetic and ecologic biomonitoring. 2020-2022.

•  MUSE (Montpellier Université d’Excellence). Soutien à la Recherche 2020. MarEE: Crossed views on marine urban habitats: ecology-evolution-economy. PI: Frédérique Viard (CNRS). 2020-2023.

•  Spanish Ministry of Economy CTM2017-88080-C2-1-R. PopCOmics: Marine biodiversity and genomics: from populations to communities. 2018-2020.

•  European COST Actions CA15219. DNAqua-Net, developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe. 2016-2020. Coordinator: Florian Leese (Univ of Duisburg-Essen).

•  European Union Marie Curie Actions, H2020-MSCA-IF-2015, project 705464. SCOOBA: Symbiotic COOperation and Boring Activity of Cliona sponges under a climate change context. 2017-2019 (Researcher: Oriol Sacristán; Scientist in Charge: X. Turon).

•  Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). Program of Scientific Culture, FCT-14-9319. ¡Ojo a las Invasoras! Biodiversidad y especies invasoras del Mediterráneo balear (PI Fiona Tomás). 2015.

•  Spanish Ministry of Economy CTM2013-48163-C2-1-R. CHALLENGEN: Addressing CHALLENges in marine research with GENetic tools: introduced species, biodiversity assessment, adaptation to global warming. 2014-2017.

•  Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment. Autonomous Organism of National Parks, project 1036-2013. METABARPARK. Genetic characterization (metabarcoding) of the biodiversity and its alterations in benthic communities of the marine National Parks. 2014-2016.

•  CONICYT, Chile. Programa Nacional de Atracción de Capital Humano Avanzado del Extranjero. Contract 80122006. Ascidias (Chordata) del Estrecho de Magallanes, Chile: biodiversidad y su papel en programas de vigilancia de invasiones biológicas asociado a cambio climático global. 2013. Invited Researcher: Xavier Turon. Chilean Counterpart: Dr. Ivan Cañete.

•  European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013). Grant Agreement 287844. COCONET: Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with sea-based wind energy potential (Coordinator: Ferdinando Boero, CSIC Coordinator: E. Macpherson) (partner CSIC). 2012-2016.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science CTM2010-22218-C02-01. BENTHOMICS: tracking changes in the marine benthos by novel molecular tools: individuals, populations, communities (PI: María Jesús Uriz). 2011-2013.

•  European Union Marie Curie Actions, FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IOF, project 254634. MarInvasPhylogen: the role of phylogenetic relatedness in invasion success: A multidisciplinary study of marine biological invasions. 2011-2013 (Scientist in Charge; Researcher: Marc Rius).

•  Intramural Projects CSIC. 2007/30I026. Biology and population genetics of the ascidian Microcosmus squamiger , an invasive species in the Mediterranean. 2007-2008.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science PR-2007-0054. Defense mechanisms in marine invertebrates: interactions between chemical and physical defenses in sponges. 2007.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science CTM2007-66635-C02-02. MARMOL: Molecular tools for the study of the vulnerability of littoral benthic populations: structure, connectivity, adaptation, and gene expression (PI: X. Turon and C. Palacin). 2007-2009.

•  Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (France). ECIMAR: Marine chemical ecology: biodiversity indicators and applications. 2007-2010.

•  Spanish Ministry of the Environment. National Parc Network. Genetic biodiversity of marine organisms in Cabrera National Parc (PI: E. Macpherson, CSIC). 2005-2007.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science CTM2004-05265-C02-01. INTERGEN: genetic interchange between Atlantic and Mediterranean in invertebrates and fish: colonization, speciation and invasions. 2004-2007.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science REN2001-2312-C03-02. GENECO: Genetic structure and gene flow in benthic organisms: applications in biotechnology and management of the marine environment. 2002- 2005. 

•  European Union Interreg I3A-1-72-E. Management of the marine ecosystem: study of sublethal effects of contamination on invertebrates. 2002-2005.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science MAR98-1004-C02-02. Biological responses of the littoral benthos (invertebrates and fish) to anthropic impacts. 1998-2001.

•  Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Fulbright Fundation USA . Natural substances and biogeography. (PI: M.J. Uriz, CSIC). 1998-1999.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science HP 1997-0028. Evaluation of impacts in stuarine Systems: evaluation and monitoring of populations. 1998.

•  European Union. MAST-III PL961088. Novel biotechnological approaches for assessing chemical risks posed to the marine environment: biomarkers in marine sponges (PI: M.J. Uriz, CSIC). 1997-2000.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science. MAR95-1764. Evaluation of the presence and abundance of bioactivities of potential applied interest in the Mediterranean benthos (PI: M.J. Uriz, CSIC). 1996-1998.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science PB94-0015-C02-02. Induction and inhibition of larval settlement and recruitment in benthic littoral communities in the Mediterranean . 1995-1998

•  Spanish Ministry of Science. MAR91-0528. Production of bioactive substances in the Mediterranean benthos: mechanisms of interaction, factors determining their variability, and ecological role (PI: M.J. Uriz, CSIC). 1992-1994.

•  European Union. MASTII CT91-0004. Chemical, biological and ecological studies of bioactive marine natural productes of the mediterranean benthos in view of their production (PI: M.J. Uriz, CSIC). 1991-1995.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science. PB89-0081. Iberian fauna, subproject Tunicates (PI: M.A. Ramos, CSIC). 1990-1993.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science PB86-0021. Study of the marine and lagoon ecosystems of the Island of Formentera (Balearic Islands) (PI: M. Ballesteros, Univ. of Barcelona ). 1987-1990.

•  Spanish Ministry of Science PB86- 0073. A model of organisation of the Mediterranean littoral benthos on hard substrata (PI: E. Ballesteros, CSIC). 1987-1989.


Contractes de recerca amb empreses i administracions (com a IP si no consta el contrari):

•  Fisheries Department, Catalan government. Update of the cartography of the sea urchin populations of commercial interest in Catalonia . Scientific advisor of the enterprise in charge, Ecoproges SL. 2005-2008.

•  Pharmamar SA (Madrid). Biological and ecological characterization of bioactive ascidian species. 2002-2003.

•  Pharmamar SA (Madrid). Collection and genetic characterization of species and populations of bioactive ascidians. 2001-2002.

•  Fisheries Department. Catalan government. Biology of the edible sea urchin populations in the Catalan littoral. (PI: C. Palacin, X. Turon). 1993.

•  Fisheries Department, Catalan government. Evaluation and cartography of the edible sea urchin populations in the Catalant littoral. (PI: M. Ballesteros, C. Palacin, X. Turon). 1992.

•  “ La Caixa ” (local banking institution), Barcelona . Study of the resources of the soft bottoms in the Maresme littoral (PI, M. Ballesteros, Univ. of Barcelona ). 1991-1995.

•  Pharmamar SA (Madrid). Ecological study of the production of chemical defense substances by benthic organisms (PI: MJ Uriz, CSIC). 1988-1990.


Altres activitats subvencionades:

•  Working funds for the Consolidated Research Group “Benthic Biology and Ecology” (this group includes several professors of the Univ. of Barcelona and scientists of the Spanish Research Council, X. Turon has acted as PI in four of these calls)

•  Committee for Universities and Research, Catalan Government: working funds for the Consolidated Research Group “Benthic Biology and Ecology” (this group includes several professors of the Univ. of Barcelona and scientists of the Spanish Research Council, X. Turon has acted as PI in four of these calls)

..........2017SGR1120. 2017-2019
..........2014SGR336. 2014-2019
..........2009SGR00484. 2009-2013
..........2005SGR00674. 2006-2008
..........2001SGR00093. 2002-2005
..........1999SGR00320. 2000-2002

•  University of Barcelona
..........UB Quality Research Group-3163. 1998-2000
..........UB Quality Research Group-2640. 1996-1997

•  Catalan Government (Generalitat) - AGAUR Funds for organization of International Symposia: 2006ARCS1-00023  (XIV Iberian Symposium of Marine Biology, 2006). 2010ARCS108  (VIII World Sponge Conference, 2010).

•  Spanish Ministry of Science – Research Department of the Catalan Government. 1996PIRB00022- IN96-0034. Equipment for image digitalisation and processing of the electron microscopes of the Scientific and Technical Services of the University of Barcelona. 1996.




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