Legal Philosophy Research Group

The Legal Philosophy Research Group of the University of Girona works within the tradition of analytical philosophy. In this sense, our methodology is always based on conceptual analysis as a way of clarifying and understanding the social reality we intend to study, through the examination of the discourses which bear upon it. The elucidation of the framework of legal thought requires the analysis of the concepts that figure in the different legal practices; in turn, to carry out this kind of analysis, the theorist must determine the content of these concepts and the ways in which they are related to each other.

In recent years, however, the Research Group has devoted itself to the study of practical legal problems. In this sense, our previous project (2015 – 2017) was focused on the issue of causation and the ascription of responsibility. Our current project advances on the same track, making use of previous results and extending the inquiry to the evidentiary problems involved in the ascription of responsibility. Since analytical philosophy is so central in the activities of the Group, the methodology of conceptual analysis has become the ultimate criterion for evaluating and defending the results of our research.

In this context, we carry out two main kinds of activities: activities aimed to strengthen the general framework of legal analysis, and specific activities related to the object of study of each research project.

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