EHEA bachelor’s degree in Information and Documentation

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What you will learn

Students in Information and Documentation will learn the following:

  • To design, manage and assess information services with regards to the needs of a community, be it geographic, virtual or related to an organization.
  • IT skills to retrieve, select, organize, conserve and disseminate information through the application of technology.
  • Communication skills to mediate between information users and resources and resource management abilities required to assure service quality.
  • Open-minded approaches in order to adjust to the changing labour market characterized by constant innovation in processes and tools, and to be able to highlight information of relevance in all types of organizations.

Qualification: EHEA bachelor’s degree in Information and Documentation
Number of ECTS credits: 240
Branch of knowledge: Social Sciences and Law
Head of Studies: Aurora Vall (

Also offered in a semi-presential modality (in Catalan)

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