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Course assessment

In line with UB regulations, the mode of course assessment will be continuous assessment, meaning that during the course students will be required do exercises, projects, exams and other such activities on a regular basis, both during and after class time. In fact, many of the subjects will be assessed exclusively through the student’s performance on this day-to-day basis and will not involve an end-of-course exam component at all.

In part, the rationale for such a choice of assessment is that the completion and correction of continuous assessment activities, together with tutorial sessions to clarify student doubts, provides the means by which teacher and student can consider the different problems that appear during the learning process and address these as they emerge.

The assessment of each subject will include a consideration of the student’s cross-disciplinary skills, which will be as important as the knowledge he or she has gained of the subjects studied. So, for example, the quality of the student’s writing (clarity of expression, language accuracy, etc) will be as important in assessment as the knowledge gained in any particular subject area).

Finally, applicants should bear in mind that this particular mode of assessment will be explained in detail at the beginning of the course and on the first days of the classes in each subject.

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