EHEA bachelor’s degree in Information and Documentation

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Career opportunities

Fields in which you can work

  • Librarianship in the public sector, in public libraries, in primary, secondary and higher education, in library networks and consortia, and in teaching resource centres
  • Specialized libraries and documentation centers in the private and public sector, in government departments, foundations, professional associations, laboratories, and law and architectural firms
  • Businesses providing support for library services, including such fields as consultancy in finance, legal issues and support in human resources; computer and telecommunications businesses
  • The media, including newspapers and periodicals, radio and television, and press services
  • Maintenance and management of text, image and sound archives in different sectors (administration, heritage management, business, graphic design)
  • Creation and management of websites and online companies (web pages, databases, digital contents)
  • Publishing, bookselling and book distribution; the compilation of databases and other resources

Entering the professional world

The Faculty runs a careers advisory service for students finishing their degrees and the UB also offers students the careers service Feina UB.

In figures

Recent figures show that 93,8% % of the students who graduated in Information and Documentation found work in the professional world. The following statistics are also available:

  • 32.3% perform specific functions of the degree
  • 80.6% of the graduates found their first job within 3 months
  • 61.3% of the graduates are working full time
  • 48.4% have fixed or indefinite contracts
  • 49.1% work in the private sector
  • 30.8% earn more than 2,000€ per month

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