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Support for studying

Facilities and equipment

The Faculty of Library and Information Science has four computer rooms equipped with a total of 105 pcs for teaching purposes, and an internet room providing an additional 15 pcs. Apart from these facilities, students may also use the computers in a number of other rooms during certain periods of the day or week, depending on the class schedules there. All computers are equipped with the programs students will need for the course work they have been assigned. Finally, the faculty also offers a wireless access service to the UB network (UB Wi-Fi), which enables laptop users to connect within the building.

The Faculty Library organizes information sessions about the services on offer to new students. Students may use their laptops or the Library’s laptop lending service to access the UB Wi-Fi network, as well as printing and photocopying facilities.

During exam periods, in addition to the aforementioned services and student’s rooms, 2 further rooms reserved for study and revision.

Finally the Faculty also has a copy shop where students can make or order photocopies, print documents from pen drives and CDs, use an email service for sending study assignments and buy dossiers prepared by their teachers.

Exchange programs

In addition to general grants offered by the State and the University, students in the Faculty can take part in exchange programs at the Spanish and European levels. SICUE-Seneca, CINDA and Socrates-Erasmus enable students to pursue their studies for a semester in another Spanish or European university.

Education cooperation agreements

Students have the chance to participate in remunerated placements in businesses and institutions. Each year more than 200 educational cooperation agreements are signed and these often provide an effective way for students to find employment after graduation.

Summer placements

The Faculty provides students with summer placement opportunities abroad in a wide variety of institutions. Chief among over 40 centres offering internships in 2009 were the United Nations in Geneva (UNHCR), the Bibliothèque publique d’information Centre Pompidou, the British Library, the Hispanic Society of America, New York, and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (New Library of Alexandria).

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