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Welcome to the website of the Bioanalysis group

In this website you will find information about us and our research. Our research is focused on the development of analytical methodology for detection, separation, characterization and determination of analytes of interest in different fields, which can be found in foodstuff and biological samples, specially in human and animal fluids and tissues.



Offer of master's degree in Analytical Chemistry

Titles offered by our group in the University Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry (September 2022):

  • Analysis of protein biomarkers of infectious diseases by high resolution separation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry.

  • Analysis of miRNA biomarkers of cancer by high resolution separation techniques and mass spectrometry.

  • Detection and characterization of glycan biomarkers of cancer by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry.

You can find more information about the post-graduate studies in the website of the section of Analytical Chemistry.



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