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Edifici Ramon Margalef
Facultat de Biologia
Universitat de Barcelona

Avinguda Diagonal 643
08028 Barcelona

Fax: +34 93 403 5740

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imatge de maquetació
  José Domingo Rodríguez Teijeiro imatge de maquetació
Full Professor
Vertebrates Unit

e-mail: jrodriguez@ub.edu

Phone: + 34 93 402 1448

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"Llicenciatura" in Biology  
Animal behaviour  
Applied zoology  
Bachelor's Degree
Degree in Biology  
Zoology II  
Degree in Environmental Sciences  
Applied animal biology  
Fauna management  
Master in Biodiversity  
Animal behaviour  
Behaviour and conservation  
Management of biological invasions  
Orientation and migration  
Research Lines
Behavioural mechanisms in evolutionary ecology
Base studies on behaviour focused on the the use of space, mating systems, orientation and navigation as well as social structure are performed. The use of space, mating, dispersion and social organization are an immediate consequence of individual behaviour, and behaviour evolves from these ecological consequences. Studies involve two particular species: common quail (Coturnix coturnix) and the european badger (Meles meles).
Conservation and sustainable development in tropical african ecosystems
We are studying the social behaviour of the lowland gorilla (Gorilla g. gorilla) as well as that of large simians. This has allowed advances in a line of sustainable development based on ecotourism. Lately, ebola cases have devastated the study area, which has allowed us to determine which social and populational aspects are involved in the propagation of the epidemy between gorilla families. Currently, this same line of sustainable development is being conducted in other areas of the República del Congo. Populations that have been affected by ebola are being monitored.
Management and conservation of cynegetic species and species living in parks and gardens
Considering cynegetic aspects, works are mainly being conducted on common quail (Coturnix coturnix). Research performed over more than 20 years has yielded biological, behavioural and ecological knowledge that allows the suggestion of management and conservation proposals for quail populations regarding cynegetic activity. Species under study living in parks and gardens are: wild hog (Sus scrofa), european badger (Meles meles), red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) and common pigeon (Columba livia). Studies on space and social behaviour and populational dynamics allow an approach to the conservation status of mammals in the Parc de Collserola (wild hog, european badger, red squirrel) and Barcelona's gardens (red squirrel) as well as getting to know which factors are threatening populations (habitat loss, isolation of populations, interspecific competition) and which conservation measures should be applied to protect them. Common pigeon populations have been studied in cities around Barcelona with the aim of quantifying populations and treating them as pest species.
Resarch Projects
- Ecologia evolutiva, comportament i conservació de la biodiversitat. Projectes de recerca per potenciar els grups de recerca consolidats
- Caza sostenible en especies migratorias: la codorniz común (Coturnix coturnix)
Predoctoral Students
- Irene Jiménez Blasco - ijimenb@gmail.com
- Inés Sánchez Donoso - ines.sanchezdonoso@ub.edu
External Collaborators
- Manel Puigcerver Oliván - mpuigcerver@ub.edu
- Carles Vilà i Arbonés - carles.vila@ebd.csic.es
- Daniel Sol Rueda - d.sol@creaf.uab.es
- Pedro Javier Cordero - PedroJavier.Cordero@uclm.es
- Magdalena Bermejo Espinet - magda_bermejo@yahoo.es
- Josep Piqué Vila - jpique@mail.bcn.es
- Andrés López Sepulcre - andresls@ucr.edu
- Francesc Llimona Llovet - fllimona@parccollserola.net
Selected Publications
- Molina-Vacas, G.; Bonet-Arbolí, V. & Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2011. Habitat selection of two medium-sized carnivores in an isolated and highly anthropogenic Mediterranean park: the importance of riverbank vegetation. Italian Journal of Zoology, DOI:10.1080/11250003.2011.620637.
- Ribas, A.; Molina-Vacas, G.; Boadella, M.; Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Fernández-Cardo, R.; and Arrizabalaga, A. 2011.First report of Troglotrema acutum (Digenea, Troglotrematidae) in the Eurasian badger Meles meles in the Iberian Peninsula and presumptive lesions caused in the host. Journal of Helminthology, 8: 1-6.
- Sardà-Palomera, F.; Puigcerver, M.; Vinyoles, D. & Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2011. Exploring male and female preferences, male body condition and pair bonds in the evolution of sexual male aggregations: the case of the common quail (Coturnix coturnix). Canadian Journal of Zoology, 89: 325-333.
- Rodríguez-Teijeiro JD; Sardà-Palomera F; Alves I; Bay Y; Beça A; Blanchy B; Borgogne B; Bourgeon B; Colaço P; Gleize J; Guerreiro A; Maghnouj M; Rieutort C; Roux D; Puigcerver M. 2010. Monitoring and management of quail Coturnix coturnixpopulations in their atlantic distribution area. Ardeola, 57: 135-144.
- Molina-Vacas, G.; Bonet-Arbolí, V.; Rafart-Plaza, E.; Rodriguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2009. Spatial ecology of european badgers (Meles meles) in mediterranean habitats of the north-eastern iberian peninsula. II: Habitat selection. Vie et Milieu, 59: 237-246.
- Molina-Vacas, G.; Bonet-Arbolí, V.; Rafart-Plaza, E.; Rodriguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2009. Spatial ecology of european badgers (Meles meles) in mediterranean habitats of the north-eastern iberian peninsula. I: Home range size, Spatial distribution and social organization. Vie et Milieu, 59: 227-236.
- Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Sardà-Palomera, F. Nadal, J.;Ferrer, X.; Ponz C.; Puigcerver, M. 2009. The effects of mowing and agricultural landscape management on population movements of the common quail. Journal of Biogeography, 36: 1891-1898.
- Walsh, P. ; Bermejo, M. ; Rodriguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2008. Disease avoidance and the evolution of primate social connectivity: Ebola, bats, gorillas, and chimpanzees. Cambridge University Press Michael A. Huffman and Colin A. Chapman eds. Primate Parasite Ecology. 183-197.
- Puigcerver, M. ; Vinyoles, D.; Rodriguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2007. Does restocking with Japanese quail or hybrids affect native populations of common quail Coturnix coturnix? Biological Conservation, 136: 628-635.
- Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Barroso, A.; Gallego, S.; Puigcerver, M. & Vinyoles, D. 2006. Orientation cage experiments with the European Quail during the breeding season and autumn migration. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 84: 887-894.
- Bermejo, M. ; Rodriguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Illera, G. Barroso A.; Vilà, C.; Walsh, P. 2006. Ebola Outbreak Kills 5000 Gorillas. Science, 314: 1564-1564.
- Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Gordo, O.; Puigcerver, M.; Gallego, S.; Vinyoles, D.; Ferrer, X. 2005. African climate warming advances spring arrival of the Common Quail Coturnix coturnix. Ardeola, 52: 159-162.
- Barilani, M.; Deregnaucourt, S.; Gallego, S.; Galli, L.; Mucci, N.; Piombo, R.; Puigcerver, M.; Rimondi, S.; Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J. D.; Spanò, S.; Randi, E. 2005. Detecting hybridization in wild (Coturnix c. coturnix) and domesticated (Coturnix c. japonica) quail populations. Biological Conservation, 126: 445-455.
- Sol, D.; Lefebvre, L; Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D. 2005. Brain size, innovative propensity and migratory behaviour in temperate Palaearctic birds. Proc. R. Soc. B, 272: 1433-1441.
- Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Puigcerver, M.; Gallego, S.; Cordero, P.J; Parkin, D.T. 2003. Pair Bonding and Multiple Paternity in the Polygamous Common Quail Coturnix coturnix. Ethology, 109: 291-302.
- Puigcerver, M.; Rodríguez Teijeiro, J.D.; Gallego, S. 2001. The problem of the subspecies in Coturnix coturnix Quail. Game and Wildlife Science, 18: 561-572.
- Nadal, J.; Nadal, J.; Rodríguez- Teijeiro, J.D. 2001. Global sex and age ratios in declining populations of red-ledgged partridges (Alectoris rufa) in the province of Huesca (Spain). Game and Wildlife Science, 18: 483-494.
- Puigcerver, M.; Gallego, S.; Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; D'Amico, S.; Randi, E. 2000. Hybridization and introgression of Japanese Quail mitochondrial DNA in Common Quail populations: a preliminary study. Hungarian Small Game Bulletin, 5: 129- 136
- Puigcerver, M.; Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Zijlstra, W.; Bonet, V.; Gallego, S. 2000. Indicators of male quality in the call of the Common Quail Coturnix coturnix. Hungarian Small Game Bulletin, 5: 119-128
- Rodrigo-Rueda, F.J.; Rodríguez-Teijeiro, J.D.; Puigcerver, M.; Gallego, S.1997. Divorce in a non-monogamous species? The case of the common quail (Coturnix coturnix). Ethology, 103: 355-364



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