Dr. Sergi Ruiz has won the Ramon Margalef 2020 award for his paper «Dynamic undocking and the quasi-bound state as tools for drug discovery», published at  Nature Chemistry.

This award is given to the most exceptional scientific work derived from a PhD in the University.

Regarding Dynamic Undocking, Sergi remarkes this method to design drugs completes the already existing ones and allows to multiply its efficiency. The study, published in the cover of Nature Chemistry, has been used in several researches, such as “the search for potential drugs to act on a cancer-involved protein”. Currently, the researcher is carrying out his tasks in the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (Australia): “I continue to apply the methods I developed during my doctoral degree in several projects, one of those consists on finding potential treatments for COVID-19”.

In his current position, Ruiz notes his experience in the UB “has been crucial to conduct the research I am interested in, and to know more about other styles of science abroad. My doctoral thesis, supervised by the lecturer Xavier Barril, from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, and member of the Institute of Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona (IBUB), was an enriching experience in all ways, not only in the scientific field”, he concludes.

Congratulations Sergi for the work done in the group and all the amazing prospects on your future career.