Guillermo Gutierrez
PhD Student

Guillermo Gutiérrez joined the group in late 2015 and begun PhD studies in March 2016. He obtained BSc in 2012 and MSc in 2013 at Universidad de Zaragoza, both in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology. As the computer enthusiast he is, he specialized in computational biochemistry, mainly molecular dynamics, and developed a set of tools during his Master's thesis and the next two years to simplify management and processing of the large amounts of information generated by high throughput methods.
Currently, he focuses on protein flexibility exploration, in order to find cryptic pockets that could turn undruggable targets into useful ones. Another of his goals is the development of integrable automatic methods that would reduce human intervention, increasing throughput and robustness, not relying on background information about target system. Additionally, he is (in collaboration with Sergio Segura, from Universidad de Zaragoza) revamping rDock into a GPU application, in an attempt to fully exploit the computing power of this kind of platforms.
Other facets of his life include musical studies in classical piano at Conservatorio Profesional de Musica de Zaragoza and musical composition at Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Aragon, and more recently, his involvement as audio lead programmer in game development sector.