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The Brainlab offers the opportunity for brilliant young researchers or very talented students to join our adventure

The Brainlab offers the opportunity for brilliant young researchers or very talented students to join our adventure. If you are passionate for science, highly motivated, hard-worker and ambitious seeking for advanced training in cognitive and auditory neuroscience in an incomparable and inspiring working environment, we want you.

We seek to unravel the brain mechanisms of cognitive function, including attention, auditory and speech perception and musical processing, and how these are disrupted in neurodevelopmental disorders such as austism and dyslexia or as a consequency of fetal growth restriction. We use mainly EEG to analyze evoked potentials and oscillatory brain activity, but also other neuroimaging tehcniques, such as MEG and fMRI (see our research in detail here).

Brainlab Workshop, Cardona (Catalonia), January 2012

We can host undergraduate students seeking for a short internship abroad (typically lasting a minimum of 4 weeks, but desirable 2-4 months) to get acquainted with EEG methods and our experimental approach to understanding the brain mechanisms of auditory perception.

Undergraduate students are also welcome for one- or two-terms internships through our practicum in Introduction to research in Cognitive Neuroscience, that can be accessed officially through the Erasmus exchange program. The possibility to carry out your Bachelor thesis in our lab is also possible. Be aware that during the summer (end of July-August) our premises are closed, and therefore we cannot host students during this period.

For graduate students we can supervise the official research period or the Master thesis in either the Master of Neurosciences or in International Master Program in Behavior and Cognition.

The Brainlab meeting in Cardona (Catalonia), January 2012

Brilliant PhD students are our most valuable asset, and we are continuously seeking new talent to join (usually one or two positions per year) any of the official PhD excellence programs launched by the Catalan or the Spanish governments, in the framework of the University of Barcelona PhD program in Biomedicine. Occasionally, specific positions are offered under other programs. These programs are extremely competitive (and unfortunately, only open to European citizens), so only those with the highest average grade in both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees are successful. Spontaneous expressions of interest for these programs during May every year are welcome (to Make sure they are accompanied by 1) CV, 2) motivation letter and 3) an official transcript of your academic grades, preferably accompanied by the European Diploma Supplement.

Possibilities for collaboration at young or senior postdoctoral level are also possible, but those are dealt with individually.

The Brainlab in the campus back to July 2008
The Brainlab in the campus (September 2010)
with Prof. Kimmo Alho and Sónia do Vale visiting the Brainlab (October 2011)
The Brainlab at the gala dinner of the SEPNECA Congress in Barcelona (July 2012)
The closing meeting of the ERANET-Neuron project PANS (Empúries, Catalonia, May 2013)
Brainlab spring lunch at a park nearby (March 2014)
The Brainlab Workshop in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Jan 2015)
The Brainlab Workshop in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Jan 2015)



The Brainlab 2018
The Brainlab Workshop in Escaló (July 2018)



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Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowship – PhD position in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience

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