Women in Neuroscience Virtual Symposium

Neuroscience is a girl’s thing, but not a woman’s (yet)



There is a tendency to think that the gap between the number of men and women in science is already closing; however, the statistics provide us with data that indicate the opposite. In fact, nowadays, discrimination and bias against women scientists is more subtle and difficult to perceive. On the one hand, the number of women graduating from different universities around the world every year is still growing and, in some cases, far exceeds the number of men. However, when it comes to positions of highest responsibility and prestige within academic hierarchies, this ratio is reversed, and the number of women occupying these positions has been very low for the last 30 years.

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are organizing a Women in Neuroscience Virtual Symposium aimed to highlight the significance of the contributions of women in recent neuroscientific advances and acknowledge the difficulties and challenges that may have encountered during their scientific career. At the end of the symposium, we will hold a roundtable discussion where all the speakers will share their personal perspectives, experiences, ideas, and hopes for a more inclusive, equal-opportunities academia.

This symposium is organized by female PhD students of the Brainlab – Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group, and the speakers will be female neuroscientists at different stages of their academic careers. The symposium is addressed to mixed academic audiences and we hope that our speakers’ talks will help to encourage women to move forward in their academic careers and inspire collaboration and mutual support and encourage men to support the change that is much needed in this field.



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