Bridging Attention and Prediction, BAP 2018

Barcelona, February 2018

Anticipatory processing plays a fundamental role in human cognition. While external information from the world is constantly perceived and processed by the senses, the human brain generates top-down predictions based on memory associations created from previous experience to actively and efficiently facilitate the integration of the inputs. At the same time, perception is facilitated by attention mechanisms. Our brains have to select among many competing inputs so that only the most relevant are fully processed and irrelevant (distracting) information is suppressed. How does the brain solve the problem of directing attention to relevant inputs while remaining responsive to salient events outside its current focus of attention?
Although both attention and prediction facilitate perception, they are rarely considered together: both concepts are related but not always clearly distinguishable. Interactions between predictive and attentive processes constitute a newly emerging and highly interesting field of research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology.
Organised by the "Brain Mechanisms of Language Learning Lab" from the "Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit" of the University of Barcelona, this workshop will focus on the current research on prediction and attention in various subfields of perception and cognition with a special focus on language. The event will bring together outstanding researchers in both the fields of prediction and attention in order to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.


Presentations will be distributed in two-days and participants are free to choose which day they prefer. Alternatively, participants registered for one day can also attend the two days with no extra charge.

Abstract submission deadline: 15th of January, 2018

Registration deadline: 30th of January, 2018 - EXTENDED TO 16th OF FEBRUARY, 2018

Abstract submission deadline for the second day only: 4th of February, 2018

Registration deadline for the second day only: 11th of February, 2018 - EXTENDED TO 20th OF FEBRUARY, 2018


Day 1 (6th of February, 2018)

  • Fabrizio Doricchi (Sapienza Università di Roma)
  • Falk Huettig (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
  • Sonja Kotz (University of Maastricht)
  • Jenny Saffran (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Iria SanMiguel (Universitat de Barcelona)

Day 2 (20th of February)

  • Luc Arnal (University of Geneva)
  • Matt Davis (University of Cambridge)
  • Floris de Lange (Donders Institute)
  • Simone Vossel (Forschungszentrum Jülich & University of Cologne)


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