Campus structure. Campus buildings and their functions

Estructura del campus

Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus (owned by Diputació de Barcelona) consists of four pavilions and a 1.400 m² greenhouse installation. Each building hosts a different range of activities within the global academic activity of the campus. The surroundings of Torribera feature green spaces, other institutions' buildings, services and a natural park under management of Serralada de Marina Natural Park's Consortium.

  • Administration building (La Masia): 1.400 m²

    This building stands as the campus' administration center. It is also home to the management and the logistic units. On the ground floor there are the kitchen facilities.


    During 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 courses, this building is providing several lecture rooms and the conference hall of Les Voltes, with a capacity for 250 people —its management is coordinated in conjunction with Diputació de Barcelona—, as well as a computer room. It also hosts the units from joint institutions as a result of agreements with the UB, such as the UB-Bullipèdia Unit.

  • el projecte

    Teaching and student services building (Verdaguer): 2.200 m²

    This pavilion serves as the main core of the academic management and student's support services, specially the Library of the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus (CRAI-UB) and the Student Observatory. Likewise, here is located the Office of the campus' Student Council.


    Library: it consists of 44 lecture spaces on an area of 306,38 m² on the main floor, holding also a reserve storage of 396 linear meters on the basement.


    The building has several offices for the ordinary teaching staff coming from the different faculties attached to the campus and who take part in the courses hosted in Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus. Besides, there are two tutoring rooms with a capacity for 12 people each one, conceived to serve those professors who teach in Torribera but have their academic activity in other campuses.


    Food Observatory (ODELA): it works as a research center of the UB's Faculty of Geography and History housed in this building and with a space of 50,5 m². ODELA's documentation center is found in its Library.


    Aside from all this, Verdaguer hosts a lecture room —which can handle over 70 people—, two meeting rooms —each of them with 10 people capacity—, and premises on the ground floor for a cafeteria and a restaurant.


  • recinte torribera

    Research building (Gaudí): 2.178 m²

    Gaudí pavilion is structured as a single space comprised of different laboratories assigned to research groups, as well as other lab rooms for general use, administration spaces, a technical plant and warehouse, offices for investigators and working spaces for students and predoctoral staff. It is also the home to the management and secretariat offices of the Nutrition and Food Safety Research Institute (INSA-UB) and a multipurpose spare room (including coffee-maker, microwave, fridge and a shower) for the investigators.


    Research laboratories

    1 analytical chemistry lab (28,3 m²)

    2 nutrition and bromatology labs (92,4 m² i 91,6 m²)

    1 microbiology and cell biology lab (20 m²)

    1 biochemistry and molecular biology lab (75 m²)

    1 organic chemistry lab (28 m²)

    1 clinical studies unit

    1 applied nutrition lab (14 m²)

    1 research lab (42 m²)


    Research support laboratories

    Chromatography Room (HPLC and UHPLC)

    Cultivation room, device room and cold room


    General services

    Lecture room (for 50 people)

    2 meeting rooms (for 10 people each one)

    Secretariat's room

    Building's Management room, Quality Control and Prevention Service

    Maintenance staff's room

  • estructura del campus

    Teaching laboratories building (Marina): 3.468 m²

    University of Barcelona provides Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus' students with several spaces devoted to practical training, all of which are found in a single 3.468 m² building. The practical model applied to campus' teachings allows students to, throughout their stay in the campus, go through all the specialized laboratories, with the proper techniques and instruments to familiarize themselves with the different aspects of the teaching programs.


    11 teaching labs

    2 lecture rooms (with a capacity of 90 people each one)

    1 computer room

    1 teaching staff room

    1 students' room

    2 conference and tutoring rooms

  • model organitzatiu

    Greenhouses: 1.400 m²

    Diputació de Barcelona stipulated, in the agreement of April 25, 2007 signed with the University of Barcelona, the usufruct rights for the 1,400 m² unit called hivernacle, which had been managed by the Barcelona Science Park Foundation in accordance with the protocol from July 27, 2006. By agreement of the UB's Research Vice-Rectory, this complex is assigned to the Experimental Fields Service (attached to the Faculty of biology), which receives operative support from campus' administration. There is a possibility to expand the agricultural space next to the greenhouses in order to satisfy the experimental cultivation requirements.

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