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Estructura del campus

In 2003 the city of Santa Coloma de Gramenet signed, in conjunction with Diputació de Barcelona and University of Barcelona, the location of university studies around a UB campus with the firm conviction that, through university-city interaction revolving around the knowledge in the food sector, both UB and Santa Coloma would gain clear benefits. Besides, the integration of University of Barcelona made possible thinking about a future arrival of other projects in the Torribera premises.

Santa Coloma's university campus comprises the regional headquarters of the National Distance Education University (UNED), the Welfare Centers Dr. Emili Mora i López and of course the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus. It also hosts all the activities the UB carries out along with other actors, specially those related to the greenhouses and Serralada de Marina Natural Park itself.


In Santa Coloma's Torribera Campus there are offered the UB's EHEA bachelor's degree courses in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology and UNED's official distance degree courses in Psychology, Social Education, Social Work, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Law and Modern Languages.


Furthermore, UB offers the Inter-University master's degree course in Food Safety (UB-UAB-ACSA) and the linked master's degree courses in Food Research, Development and Innovation and Nutrition and Metabolism (attached to the Faculty of Pharmacy), along with History and Culture of Food, this one attached to the Faculty of Geography and History. It is worth noting as well the extension courses given by Nutritional Coaching jointly with the University of Barcelona: Sports Nutrition and Nutrition in Special Situations.


Likewise, it is necessary to integrate in the Torribera Campus the activities undertaken by Hospital de l’Esperit Sant Foundation. Since 1997 it is a teaching hospital partnered with University of Barcelona in which are held training activities of pre-degree and bachelor's degree courses, and where it is also given the MIR Specialized Sanitary Training, started in 2005 with the specialties in Internal Medicine, Family and Community Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology.


Besides, the Hospital has a collective agreement with various universities so as to host studies in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursery, psychology and dietetics, particularly in the practical side. The Foundation has also close ties with several vocational training official schools and centers offering training aimed to job integration.


Higher education activities in Santa Coloma are complemented by vocational training studies in Health specialties. Thus, among the three high schools with formal vocational training in the city (IES La Bastida, IES Les Vinyes and IES Puig Castellar), only Les Vinyes is offering advanced vocational training in Dietetics.


Santa Coloma de Gramenet's City Action Plan (PAM 2011-2015)

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In the City Action Plan for the period 2007-2011 it was already discussed the importance university activity rising would have for Santa Coloma de Gramenet, since the UB had decided to locate a specialized university campus in the Torribera site.


Nonetheless, it is the new City Action Plan 2011-2015 that emphasizes the great importance of the coordination between Santa Coloma's City Council and the University of Barcelona with the object to set tools so that general public become aware of this project, thus making the campus more porous towards the city. University of Barcelona, through the management team of the Torribera Campus, participates in the Local Plan for vocational and permanent training of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (July 2012).


Santa Coloma's City Council has promoted a comprehensive communication plan addressed to its residents in relation with Torribera Campus, which consists of two main themes: the planning about the link between Torribera Campus and general public and the communication plan to boost its external projection in relation with Serralada de Marina's knowledge axis in food and health, where it is also integrated Can Ruti's Biomedical Campus, this attached to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Diputació de Barcelona and Public Health (Food and Nutrition)

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Diputació de Barcelona is also taking part in the dissemination of health promotion and food safety policies, and has a vast amount of useful information and materials of interest for campus students available at the following website:

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