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Model organitzatiuThe Student Support Office is housed in the teaching and student services building (Verdaguer). It was created with the object to inform and advise the students in every way which can improve their daily life in the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus. This student support activity is complemented by that carried out from the Faculty of Pharmacy, responsible for the studies in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology, and by UB's Student Support Service (SAE). One of its main goals is to inform and take care of the campus students, by providing administrative support, managing the campus' services aimed to help students and diverting them to all those services that are managed from the Faculty of Pharmacy or from UB's central services —specially the SAE—. Besides, this Office also gives support to the student's representatives and the activities undertaken by the Student Observatory.

Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff (SED)

It can be found at the entry of the teaching and student services building (Verdaguer).



Prat de la Riba, 171

08921 Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Public Opening Times

Monday-Friday: from 9.30h to 13.30h

Wednesday: from 15.15h to 17.15h

Please check timetables for the periods of Christmas, summer and Setmana Santa


934 031 966
934 031 952
Organization Tab

Cristina Garcia

Maria Morros

Pruvi Canela

Academic procedures

You can access your academic record this way:

  • Enter Món UB (students) and check your record: you will need the identification code that appears on the enrolment form and to create a password if it had not been generated previously.


Support to the bachelor's degrees' Heads of Studies

For any issue regarding the Heads of Studies you may address the teaching and student services building (Verdaguer). The person in charge Ms. Pruvi Canela (4031968,

Grants and financial aid

Student Support Service (SAE)

Work placements


Regulations for work placements of the University of Barcelona approved by the Governing Council on May 8, 2012.


Placements academically recognized within the Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology bachelor's degrees

This courses afford students work placements during the fourth course of the bachelor's degree (third course in the case of the diploma) in different sectors such as health, collective catering, research or business, in order to put into practice the theoretic knowledge acquired throughout the course as well as gaining some professional experience for their future enter in the world of work.


Non-recognized Placements

These practices are not part of the course curriculum and have no recognition for academic credits. Companies can offer them through the Feina UB application. Students interested in any of these offers and who have contacted the enterprise must address the Secretary's Office so as to process the authorization by the Head of Studies and the signature of the agreement between University of Barcelona and the corresponding company.


Job banks

University of Barcelona offers its students and postgraduates the Feina UB program, which serves as a job bank favoring their orientation and employment integration.


— If you are either students or graduates, you must register in the program by clicking here in order to look up the work offers.

— If you are either an enterprise or an institution and want to publish a job offer, click here.

— For further information on the Feina UB program, click here.


Feina UB also offers training courses aimed to labour insertion recognized for free-choice credits.

Student Observatory. Representatives' Office

The main goal of the University of Barcelona's Student Observatory is to promote and prepare studies in the scope of the students' university life, which can be used to improve the policies addressed to this collective. In Torribera campus this Observatory is located in the Office nº 7 of the teaching and student services building (Verdaguer) and its purpose is to act as the headquarters of the campus students' representatives.

Students Lounge. Teaching laboratories building (Marina)

Campus students' have at their disposal a room on the first floor of the teaching laboratories building (Marina) which provides a Wi-Fi connection and is equipped with a fridge and a microwave oven. This room also has an outside terrace.


Meeting and tutoring rooms

The campus management, by means of the attention offices found in each building, provides meeting and tutoring rooms specifically designed and equipped to host this sort of activities. These spaces can be reserved directly in these attention offices or through campus management's Secretariat.


Importance given to tutoring in Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus follows UB's directives having to do with the Tutorial Action Plan. Today the incorporation of tutors and the integration of tutoring as a basic supporting tool to the student is a significant teaching role in the framework of the European Higher Education Area. It is meant to help in such aspects as orientation and advising in the choice of optative subjects, improving academic performance, facilitate a global vision of employability and labour insertion for each study and sector, and in the initial management of any possible conflict that may arise.


icona pdf List of spaces reserved for meetings and tutorials

icona pdf Terms of use of the meeting and tutorial spaces

icona pdf List of tutors assigned to each study



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