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Model organitzatiuUniversity of Barcelona is firmly resolved to integrate, whenever it is deemed advisable, the wide range of food-related studies and course offerings (particularly EHEA bachelor's and master's degree courses) to the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus. During the academic year 2012-2013 it hosts Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology bachelor's degree courses, both attached to the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Master in Food Safety (second semester), promoted in conjunction with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Agència Catalana de Seguretat Alimentària (ACSA).

Learning Objectives

Food Science and Technology

— A specialist foundation in food science, examining the common causes of deterioration in food quality and the measures available for safe food processing, so as to extend its lifetime and improve its safety without damaging neither the nutritious nor the sensory value.

— Scientific and technical understanding of basic and applied aspects of food, including its composition and properties, the various stages of food processing and the effects of food on the human organism.

— The social and legal framework in which food exists in the present day, production and consumption, consumer habits, the development of sustainable and environmentally supportive food production, consumption criteria and current legislation.


Human Nutrition and Dietetics

— The means by which to design and implement individual or community food regimes tailored to physiological or medical needs and associated with health protection, the prevention of diseases, human nutrition and diet.

Faculty of Pharmacy's academic offer in Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus

Academic offer linked to Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus

Teaching and student services building (Verdaguer)

The Verdaguer building is formed by a central nave and two wings:

— On the central nave there are the Information Desk, Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff (SED) and two lecture rooms with a capacity of 50 and 29 people respectively, together with a large meeting room next to each one.

— The left wing hosts the library of the campus, which includes a computer room with 22 working desks, where students can access the Internet, Food Observatory (ODELA) offices and also the ones allocated to the heads of studies of the Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology degree courses.

— On the right wing there are found the teaching staff offices, two large meeting rooms and the Student Observatory.

— On the ground floor, in the near future is due the location of the campus' bar-restaurant.


Offices of the lecturers in the building:


Heads of Studies


Elvira López and Mireia Urpi

Montse Sánchez
Office 7
Dolors Barron
Office 8


Maria Pérez

Office 9


Office 10



F. Guardiola and Alba Tres
Elvira López


Susana Buxaderas

Office 11
M.Carmen Vidal

Office 12


Màrius Rubiralta and Cristina Minguillón

Office 13


Toña Lizarraga


Xavier Torrado and Montse Illàn

Office 14


Francisco Javier Luque and Àxel Bidon-Chanal

Office 16


Pedro Marrero and Diego Haro

Office 18


M. Teresa Veciana

Office 19


Andreu Farran and Cristina Andres

Office 21


Rosa M. Abellana and Carlos Ascaso

Office 22


Tiziana Gines


Virtual Campus

UB's Virtual Campus is an on-line learning environment whichs supports conventional teaching and student resource tools. Its working dynamics are based upon virtual classrooms in which students can find out about the contents of subjects, send assignments, contact  teaching staff and even check their grades. What's more, the Virtual Campus also provides a shared space in which classmates can contact each other, use distribution lists, participate in forums and chats and take advantage of an internal messenger service. Students can connect to the Virtual Campus at any time, as it functions 24 hours a day.


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