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  • Biblioteca

    Campus Library (CRAI-UB)

    The Library of the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus is located in the teaching and student services building (Verdaguer). It combines the research tools and specialized resources related to the studies taught in the campus, that is, bachelor's degree courses in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology.

    Its bibliographic fund comprises, among others, the following subjects: human nutrition; dietetics; diet therapy, bromatology and food chemistry; microbiology and food hygiene; eating behavior; public health and community nutrition; history and anthropology of food; culinary techniques and food services organization.

    Furthermore, the Library has also added the Grewe Fund to its collection. This large collection of documents was formerly located in the Baldiri Reixac building of the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC), in the Diagonal.

    Public Opening Times: Monday - Friday, from 8.30h to 20h.

    Tel.: 934 031 950



    icona Information PDF about the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus' CRAI-UB Library

  • Cafeteria


    In July 2, 2012 construction works began on what will become the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus' bar-restaurant. With a main hall, two more rooms on both sides and a large terrace, it is envisaged to provide service to the whole campus community as a meeting point and resting area. Its startup is scheduled by mid-2013.

  • Complex Esportiu

    Esports UB

    The sports service, besides offering the facilities in Pedralbes at much reduced rates, has also a complete service in sports training which students may incorporate to their curriculum plan in the form of sports credits (ECTS). What's more, they can participate in a number of activities directed towards intra and inter university sports competitions at Catalan, Spanish and international levels. Students are even given the chance to enter the top-level athletes' program approved by UB's Governing Council.

    icona You will find more information in Esports UB.

  • Complex Esportiu

    Torribera's Sports Complex

    It is found in the very Torribera site. The complex is municipal property and offers its facilities (an external swimming pool, football fields, tennis courts and a pelota court) at special pricing and with the possibility to purchase annual, monthly or one-day passes. An agreement with Santa Coloma de Gramenet's City Council allows using these services with a 30% discount on the fee in force.

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  • Aparcaments

    Parking Lot

    Torribera premises has extensive parking areas. For any visitor, parking is free for the first hour and the subsequent hours or fraction of hour cost 0,70 €. An annual subscription can be bought for 80 €.

  • Wifi

    Wi-Fi Hotspots

    The corporate service to access University of Barcelona's network without cables (WifiUB) is conceived as a complementary system to the operating computer network, and it is aimed mainly to web navigation for temporary connections.

    The potential users of this system are all the members of the UB collective and, shortly, those belonging to the institutions which form the Eduroam project. It also envisions the possibility that, in a near future, other temporary users can access it at the request of any unit of the UB.

    For safety reasons, in order to use WifiUB it is required an access code and a password. For the members of UB collective, this code is the personal identification for local resources.

    As stated above, WifiUB is a complement, not a substitution, to the current wired systems, and that's why its services and areas of action are more limited, meaning that they should be restricted to internet browsing only.

    iconaSee the terms of use.

  • Guixetes

    Locker service

    Torribera Campus makes available to all students enrolled in its courses a locker hiring service in the teaching laboratories building (Marina) and the administration building (La Masia).

    Terms of use

    Application form

  • Botiga


    The Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus offers to all the students, teaching staff and administrative and service staff the reprography service managed by NIEMON IMPRESSIONS. This company also provides stationery retailing and is located in the main entrance of the teaching laboratories building (Marina). The opening times are from 9.30 to 14 hours, Monday to Thursday, and from 9.30 to 15 hours on Fridays.

    icona You can contact them directly by phone at 93 403 37 89 or E-mail:

  • Urgències

    Emergency medical service

    In case of vital emergency, please call the emergency number 112.

    The nearest centers are:

    Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron: passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 119-129, 08033 Barcelona

    Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol: carretera de Canyet s/n, 08916 Badalona

    If it is not a matter of urgency and it is necessary neither an immediate attention nor an evacuation, please consult the procedures set by the Oficina de Seguretat, Salut i Medi Ambient (OSSMA).

  • Seguretat


    If anyone from outside the center causes any trouble, please contact the Information Desk of any of the campus buildings:

    Administration building (La Masia): 934 031 978

    Teaching laboratories building (Marina): 934 031 988

    Teaching and student services building (Verdaguer): 934 031 953

    Or just warn Torribera's security services at the phone number 934 628 900.

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