fpocket reached the 1111 downloads milestone

We are happy to announce that fpocket reached 1111 downloads from it's start back in 2009 till today. Find attached some statistics about fpocket downloads and the access to the fpocket website (statistics gathered with sourceforge). 

After the publication of the fpocket paper in BMC bioinformatics we observed already a peak in website access. However, the recently published druggability paper in J Med Chem widened audience for fpocket and results in a nice increase in monthly downloads. Right now we have on average 70 downloads per month.

Below you can see monthly website visits (statistics gathered with google analytics):

An interesting factor of fpocket's popularity is that it's not only used within the labs where it was developed (located in France and in Spain) but throughout the world. The following statistics underline this fact (again gathered using google analytics) :

Thanks to everyone using fpocket and derived programs!