Xavier, Daniel and Sergi at Gordon Research Conference 2015

Last July Xavier, Daniel and Sergi participated in the Gordon Research Conference and Seminars (New Frontiers in Computer-Aided Drug Design) that took place in Mount Snow, VT.

Daniel and Sergi participated in the first edition of the Seminars (a small GRC only for PhD students and young postdocs), where Daniel presented MDmix and its application and Sergi presented a poster entitled "Improving docking performance with input from MDmix molecular dynamics simulations). The talks sessions were very similar to the GRC sessions and there was a final discussion panel where senior researchers gave really good advises to pursue a good career in science.

Xavier joined Daniel and Sergi for the GRC, where he gave a talk presenting the project of Dynamic Undocking (Sergi also presented a poster about this project) and Daniel had a poster about pyMDmix.
There were a lot of talks and discussion about different topics in the field, highlighting those about really new trends in CBDD such as Big Data (and Open Data), Biopharmaceuticals or Phenotypic Screening.