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our work on druggability cited as of outstanding interest in a recent review

Both of our J Med Chem druggability papers have been cited in the most recent review on druggability. The review appeared in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology and was published by the group at Pfizer behind the often cited 2007 paper on druggability in Nature Biotechnology (Cheng et al, Nat Biotech, 2007).

Our most recent paper including the collaborative dataset (DCD), the druggability in fpocket and new insights in the importance of polar atoms got cited as paper of outstanding interest and of significant contribution to the field.

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fpocket at the 2011 Molecular Informatics Open Source Software Conference

The fpocket project has been invited by the Wellcome Trust to the Molecular Informatics Open Source Software Conference, that took place in 2011 in Hinxton, Cambridge (UK). This conference (more information can be found here) had key speakers from various well known open source projects in the chemoinformatics and structural bioinformatics field, like CDK, RDKit, OpenBabel, Cinfony, Gromacs, KNIME, Taverna and many more.

fpocket reached the 1111 downloads milestone

We are happy to announce that fpocket reached 1111 downloads from it's start back in 2009 till today. Find attached some statistics about fpocket downloads and the access to the fpocket website (statistics gathered with sourceforge). 
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