Admission (pre-enrolment)

Entry requirements

A degree issued by a higher education institution within the framework of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes the holder to access university master's degree courses in the country of issue (e.g. Spain, grado) or a qualification outside the framework of the European Higher Education Area but in this case you must provide a statement of equivalence. If your degree was not taught in English, an English certificate.

Academic requirements

Ideally, CCiL applicants should have a degree in Psychology, Philosophy or Linguistics. Students holding a degree in Translation and Interpretation or Philologies are also accepted.

Depending on the courses studied in their BA and the branch in which they want to register, students will be required to take up to 5 background courses (30 credits). For example, Translation students willing to register in the Linguistics branch that did not read Linguistics during their BA, will be required to register some Linguistics background courses. Students holding a BA in Linguistics that want to register Psychology as their branch need to register Psychology background courses. The committee also takes into account the student's record, the courses taken and their qualifications to assess whether the student needs to take background courses.

People having a different degree might be accepted but required to take up to 5 background courses (30 credits), in which case the program will have to be completed in 2 years.

The information on the background courses required will be sent with the acceptance communication.

Language requirements

An English certificate equivalent to B2.2 (upper end of B2 in the Common European Frame of Reference).


Admission dates

1st period admision - from 16th March 2022 to 27th May [Notification of acceptance 20th June]

2nd period - from 31st May to 4th July 2022 [Notification of acceptance 20th July]


Admission fee

The pre-inscription fee is 30,21€ (please note that due to a recent change in regulations, the pre-inscription fee is not applicable towards registration fees in case of acceptance).

Admission Process (online application)

In order to apply for the master program students must first complete the pre-registration form available online at the Faculty's page. Once in that page, click on PREREGISTER/REGISTER and scroll down to find the REGISTER FORM.

Together with the on-line form, students must submit the documentation [see below].


Please note that this is for admission purposes only. If you are admitted and wish to enrol, you will need to present your original BA title (among others) in person at the Secretaria ( [Old UB students do not need to do that].


Documentation for admission

  1. an undergraduate transcript or list of courses completed for their degree (or degrees), with grades earned (specifying the maximum possible grade in each case), in either Catalan, Spanish or English. Undergraduate students not yet having completed their degree at the time of application might be provisionally admitted, but they must have satisfactorily completed their degree for final enrollment. NB: for the final registration, an official Spanish or Catalan translation will be required, if the original certificate is not in English, Spanish or Catalan.
  2. a general CV in Catalan, Spanish or English.
  3. a motivation letter, which must explain why the candidate is a good fit for the CCiL MA program. The letter must specify the branch (Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy) which the student is applying for. N.B.: Selecting a branch different from the candidate's background studies might involve taking additional background courses and completing the master program in two academic years.  
  4. applicants who are not native speakers of English and whose undergraduate degree was not taught in English must submit evidence of their English language skills. This evidence can come in various forms, but should reliably indicate a minimum level of proficiency approximately equivalent to B2.2 (upper end of B2 in the Common European Frame of Reference). We will, for example, accept the following test results or certificates as evidence:
  • IELTS: 6.5 (or at least no component below 6.0)
  • TOEFL: 550 (PBT), 99 (iBT)
  • University of Cambridge First Certificate in English
  • Other generally used certificates can be valid upon request.