The CCiL students can apply for several grants both for MA and PhD levels.

Grants for the Master program

- Beca General MECD

-La Pedrera [PAUSED DUE TO COVID. IT IS NOT OFFERED FOR THE YEAR 2021-2022] : CCiL is one of the eight Master programs (out of the 140 official UB Masters) that is part of the program of scholarships (for Spanish citizens only) for Masters of Excellence of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera. To apply for the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera grant, please contact


Grants for the PhD program

For a list of other grants, both for Master and PhD program, please check this or visit the this webpage.

Please be aware that depending on your country of origin you can have other grants avaliable. You can check the Fundación Carolina if you come from a Latin American country, the DADD if you are from Germany, the Chinese Scolarhsip Council in China...

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