The CCiL Master has three different branches: Psychology (Models cognitius de Processament del Llenguatge), Linguistics (Teoria Gramatical i Processament Lingüístic) and Philosophy (Lògica i Filosofía).

The student has to apply to one of these branches.

Structure of the master

To fulfill the requirements of the master, each student must take 60 credits, divided as following:

  • 15 credits (3 courses) of common courses.
  • 15 credits (3 courses) of mandatory courses of the selected branch. 
  • 15 credits (3 courses) of optional courses to choose among the optional courses of any branch plus the mandatory courses of the other branches.
  • 15 credits of a final research paper.

Background credits

The admission committee may require the student to take up to 30 additional credits from background courses, depending on the adequacy of the previous studies of the applicant to the branch.