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Master Thesis

The Master Thesis is a written work developing a research project, a study, or a memoir. Its topic should be related to one of the research lines addressed in the program courses. It is especially important to display competence in bibliographical search, research methodology, and analytical and argumentative skills on the subject matter.

The Master Thesis is developed under the supervision of a member of the Faculty of the program. Exceptionally, the thesis may also be supervised by an external professor, but always with the approval of the student’s tutor, and under her/his guidance. The student’s tutor will help her/him choose a supervisor for the Master Thesis, and the supervisor shall confirm her/his acceptance signing a special form which should be signed also by the student and delivered to the tutor. 

The student will choose the topic s/he will be addressing in the Master Thesis, though s/he must obtain the approval of the supervisor.

The Master Thesis is defended in a public meeting before a committee composed of three professors, one of whom is the supervisor of the Master Thesis. (If the work has more than one supervisor, only one may be a member of the examining committee.) The committee shall be appointed by the supervisor of the Master Thesis, acting on behalf of the Coordinators Committee. The supervisor shall inform the student and her/his tutor about the composition of the committee, date and place of the defense meeting, and about the deadline to deliver the work to the committee members, so that the examiners will have sufficient time to assess it before the defense. Students must submit their research work in the format agreed before the deadline.

In the public defense, the student will have a maximum time of 20 minutes for presentation and, after the observations made by the members of the commission, additional time to answer questions. In the assessment of the Master Thesis, the committee will consider aspects of thematic content, as well as methodological and formal aspects, and transversal skills.

The final grade of the Master Thesis will be notified up to 24 h after the defense meeting.

The deadline to defend the Master Thesis falls usually in mid-September. However, the defense can be held earlier, for instance in July, if the student and the examining committee agree on an earlier date.  

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