Every student accepted to the program will be assigned a tutor. Your tutor is your first person of contact for all academic matters and advice. You should contact your tutor as soon as you decide to register, so that they can advise you and recommend the courses better tailored to your interests and background.  You should meet in person/online with your tutor at least twice every semester, usually at the beginning and at the end (o, in the second semester, as soon as you start working on your Final Master's Thesis-TFM). 


If you have a problem, a request or a complaint, contact your tutor. You can also contact the program coordinator. The Faculty of Philosophy has also a virtual mailbox were you can send suggestions, comments and complaints: http://www.ub.edu/filosofia/bustia/formulari_ca.htm

Every year there will be a welcome meeting where you will meet other students and faculty. Important information will be delivered at that meeting. The Annual Workshop, which is usually held towards the end of the academic year, has a section where students can talk about their experience in the program and make suggestions for improvement.


Please remember that the best way to report your level of satisfaction, and make suggestions for improvement, is by filling the evaluation forms for each class.